Friday, March 30, 2012

Q.   My fiance didn't take his exes seriously, but promised to change for me.  It's been two years and we're truly in love.  But he stares at women when we're out and keeps in touch with exes, although he says nothing goes on and he's told them about me.  We're due to be getting married but I'm afraid he's a player.

A.   That he ogles women in front of you suggests he feels no guilt; the head turning is just a reflex.  Your jealousy will become a weapon he can use to get a reaction from you, or distract from serious issues.  And the most loving man may decide that if he must endure jealousy, why not deserve it?  So jealousy often gets the last thing it wants.  Here's a sneaky ploy: suggest a drink with his exes.  Either he'll hate the idea of notes being swapped and cool his connections with the past, or they might turn out to be friends to both of you.

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