Friday, March 23, 2012

Q.   I love giving oral sex but my new man's sperm tastes like rotting fish, and I can't bring myself to let it in my mouth, never mind swallow it.  I haven't said anything but it's ruining sex for me.  Is there something he can take to change the way it tastes?

A.   Ewwww - seriously?  Ewwww!!  There's little worse than foul-smelling sex juices, but happily all it takes is three bodily-conscious meals to sweeten them up.  All our smells and secretions are affected by diet - cigarettes and booze, plus red meat, cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, certain spices and onions can all cause bad-tasting sex fluids and stinky sweat.  Ask him to cut these out and eat chicken, celery, grapes and pineapple instead.  Also, drinking plenty of water helps (we're more than 50% water, so we are what we drink).  If this doesn't improve things, he should get checked out by a doctor or clinic, in case he has an infection.  If he's sulky about missing out on his burgers and beer, tell him he only has to go without on the days he wants a blow job!!  If he is offended by you suggesting he is less than pleasant, and he doesn't believe he has 'funky spunk', simply tell him to taste his own.  If he's willing to swallow, and can tolerate it, then so can you!

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