Friday, March 16, 2012

Q.   Do men ever fantasise about having sex with someone else while they're making love to their partner?

A.   Speaking generally, men are realists.  In the privacy of their own room, with nothing but their right hand for company, they may have fantasies about making love to any number of different women, usually all at the same time.  But confronted with a real, naked lady to play with, they want to take it all in and absorb as much real flesh information as possible.  Admittedly, parts of this information may also be converted into a mental snapshot and used on a later occasion when you could be away/not talking to them/going out with someone else, but at the time, it's enough of an eyefest to keep their interest up.  Generally, when it's not enough, OK, I admit the odd image must just pop in there.  It's nothing personal.  And there's nothing to stop the occasional image popping into your head too! 

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