Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Q.   I'm 18, and for the past eight months I've been seeing a 49 year-old married man.  He tells me he loves me and I think I feel the same.  I know his wife, but he says he's going to leave her for me.  I'm not sure I want him to, as I don't want her to be hurt, although I do want to carry on seeing him.  What should I do? 

A.   You're in a classic love triangle, where someone is always going to get hurt.  It sounds as though you love the excitement more than the harsh reality of what it will cost to be with him fully.  What happens when it stops being exciting?  Age gaps in relationships can work, but with so much baggage involved, the odds are against it.  Work out what you're getting from this.  All choices have consequences, so try to find a relationship you could be proud of. 

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