Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Q.   I've just found out my boyfriend of five years slept with another girl on a night out.  I don't know what to do - I feel like I hate him, but we've got so much history together and I know I still love him.  He's apologised and has promised it was a one-off mistake, but can I trust him?

A.   Right now, you need space to deal with the shock.  It's normal to both love and hate a partner after hearing they've cheated, so you might prefer to have some time apart to decide what you want to do.  It'll take time to trust him again, and honest communication from both of you is needed for you to move on from this.  You may be able to rebuild the relationship, and counselling could help.  But if you feel you can't forgive him, then it's better to find someone who'll give you the respect you deserve. 

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