Sunday, April 1, 2012

Q.   Whenever I try to initiate sex my boyfriend ignores me or pushes me away.  We only have sex at night, in bed and in the dark.  He doesn't look at me and never says anything nice about me.  He must think I'm ugly, so why is he with me? 

A.    What goes on in the bedroom never stays there.  Sex is like a thermometer - it takes the temperature of your relationship as a whole. Yours reads cold and sickly.  Most importantly, why are you with him?  Staying in a relationship that makes you feel worthless and unlovable is dangerous for you both.  Maybe you love him, maybe he loves you (in his own special way) but when love costs you your confidence, it's not worth it.  Life doesn't offer days in lieu for time wasted pouring energy into non-fillable holes.  I know there is better out there, if you have the courage to seek it.

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