Saturday, April 7, 2012

Q.   My boyfriend keeps pushing my hand in the direction of his bum.  I want to please him but the idea of touching him there is a huge turn-off.  Why does he want me to anyway - is he secretly gay?

A.   I doubt very much he's secretly gay, but the fact that a guy gets a sideways glance just because he's partial to a bit of anal action explains why so few men admit to it.  The anus is a mass of sensitive nerve endings, which is why plenty of folk enjoy being stroked, licked and entered there - for most men, it's the third most erogenous zone after the penis and testicles.  It's because of the prostate gland that sits close to the front of the anal wall and acts as a kind of G-spot for men.  If you change your mind and want to try it, you should file a fingernail for safety and health reasons, or wear latex gloves, use lube, and explore.  If you prefer not to play with your own hands, try some anal toys - plenty are available from Lovehoney.  It's also worth mentioning this is an erogenous zone for many women too.  You might be surprised....

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