Sunday, April 1, 2012

Q.   Why do women fake enjoying sex??  Why not just actually enjoy it instead?  I think my new girlfriend's faking - she thrashes about like she's in a porno.  Is it just me or do most girls not really like sex?

A.   Women fake enjoying when they don't feel safe enough to have real sex, or they aren't having sex that they enjoy.  This may be hard for you to grasp because, as a straight man, your right to your sexuality is rarely challenged.  You want sex and it's expected that men get it where and when they can.  Male sexual appetite is assumed and applauded, but a woman's is weighed and measured (often publicly).  If her sexual appetite is too small, she's frigid; too large and she's a nympho.  When you're trying to work out what's acceptable, it can be hard to know what's true.  If you want her to be real with you, take time to convince her that her pleasure is essential to yours.

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