Saturday, April 21, 2012

Q.   My man and I get on great when we're alone but on nights out we fight.  He gets jealous when I talk to or look at other men.  How do I tell him it's driving me insane without him laughing it off as the drink?

A.   This rings warning bells.  He sounds potentially very controlling.  Pick a quiet time to talk when you're both sober.  Explain how is jealousy is upsetting you.  Tell him he can trust you but if he carries on acting like this he'll drive you away.  Discuss how you can enjoy a night out without arguing and make it clear if it happens again you'll go home.  He has to sort this out.  You can't sort it out by arguing when he's been drinking.  If he's insecure, reassuring him or not having contact with other men will not help.  He needs to see a counsellor to address the root of his behaviour and why he's so jealous.  If he can't do this you need to end the relationship as controlling behaviour like this usually only gets worse.

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