Monday, April 23, 2012

Q.   My guy recently picked out a hot girl at a restaurant and told me that he would never date someone who's that attractive because she'd get checked out too much.  Before that, he had made me feel sexy.  Now I feel awful.  He apologised, but I'm not over it.  Am I overreacting?

A.   I don't think so.  What he said was mind-blowingly stupid and insensitive, but I'm sure he feels terrible.  But trust me, he didn't mean what he said.  For starters, it was a total lie!  If he were single and she was into him, do you really think he'd turn her down just because other guys check her out?  Of course not.  Most men love dating someone who makes other men jealous.  No, he was just looking for a way to point out a hot girl.  Sound crazy?  It kind of is, but guys often can't help but check out and comment on attractive women - it's just a stupid thing they're programmed to do.  The thing is, his brain was active enough to make the comment in a way that would be palatable to you (or so he thought).  Even though he pointed her out, he also tried to say that she wasn't a threat.  That's no excuse for saying something hurtful, but I think you should let it go.  So tell him he owes you dinner for being such a moron, then let him get back to making you feel sexy.

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