Monday, April 2, 2012

Q.   I'm in a happy and stable relationship, but recently I heard that an ex, who I dated for two years, has settled down with a new girlfriend.  It's really bothering me, and I've even questioned if I was right to break up with him.  We split three years ago and I love my current boyfriend, so why can't I get this ex out of my head? 

A.   No one likes hearing that an ex has moved on, but it shouldn't be bothering you as much as it is.  If your ex knew you felt like this he'd be so smug.  Don't give him the satisfaction.  If he's happy with someone new, there's nothing you can do about it.  This isn't an episode of Eastenders and love triangles don't happen in real life.  If you decide you want to be with your ex, then don't be afraid to tell him - you have nothing to lose apart from some pride, and he might even feel the same (but I doubt it).  Do you love your current boyfriend?  Really? If you decide to make a go of things with him, then you should cut your ex out of your life.  Don't contact or Facebook-stalk him.  Try to forget him, so that you can give the new bloke a chance, without comparing him to your ex.

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