Sunday, April 8, 2012

Q.   My boyfriend has a small penis, which I'm perfectly happy with, but he's obsessed with finding ways to make it bigger.  Why won't he believe me when I say I don't care? 

A.   His low penis-worth has little to do with you.  It was probably there long before you.  It does matter - to him - and while I'm sure he's glad you don't care, he clearly does.  Try listening to him instead of dismissing him.  I knew a man who told me that his sexual fantasies were about filling his partner's vagina with his 'huge manly tool'.  In real life his penis was small, so he had to make do with actual tools, like sex toys.  His issue was about his pleasure, not his partner's.  Why not let him bring a few toys to bed?  Will it really put you out to let him try a few tricks that might make him feel better about himself?

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