Sunday, March 21, 2010

Q. I'm seeing a lovely new guy and the sex would be great if he didn't take so long to climax. I don't mind giving oral sex and hand jobs but they both tire me out and if I let him try through intercourse, I get sore. Are there any tricks I can use to make him cum faster?

A. Some men (and plenty of women as well) have real difficulty allowing themselves to let go and have an orgasm. There are a number of factors involved in reaching a climax and almost all of them are psychological. Sex is supposed to be fun, yet you make it sound like such a chore. There are no tricks - good sex is earned. Start by making sure that he's mentally relaxed enough to enjoy himself, emotionally safe enough to be vulnerable and secure in the belief that his pleasure is important to you. Or you can carry on tapping your foot as you impatiently pleasure him while looking at your watch. Sounds sexy huh? If you're bored or mentally somewhere else, I guarantee he knows it - if you change your attitude to his orgasm, he may let go more easily.

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  1. As a man who sometimes takes ages to climax, I understand the problem. In fact sometimes I have not cum at all, but enjoyed the sex just as much, so it needn't be a big deal. And, as I got to know my new mistress better, so I have found it much easier to cum. Also, I can climax very quickly using some positions, but not at all using others. So maybe that is a clue for you, to try several different positions. On the plus side, I can keep going for literally hours while helping her to cum over and over, so we both feel quite fortunate!