Sunday, March 21, 2010

Q. My boyfriend says he wants me to initiate sex more, but I like it when he starts things. The thought of coming on to him makes me feel stupid. I almost always say yes when he wants it - why can't that be enough?

A. Isn't it sexy when he lets you know he's hot for you? Isn't it great to feel wanted and attractive? Isn't it safer if he makes the first move and you don't have to risk rejection? Why wouldn't he want those things too? You don't have to come over all purring and pouty. There's more than one way to initiate sex. Try simply making your availability crystal clear. Answer the door in your highest heels and shortest skirt. Hand him your skimpiest knickers under the table at a restaurant. Offer to wash him in the shower after work. Be creative - it will turn you on too.

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  1. I love it when a woman comes on to me - it makes me feel so sexy and wanted. There are many subtle ways of doing it, too, as Agony Mistress says. Just touching him during dinner, maybe in a totally inappropriate way, will send him wild, and if you pass your knickers to him under the table as suggested above, you won't have to do anything else that noght!