Sunday, March 21, 2010

Q. I'm 26 and have never once felt like having sex. I fake enjoyment because I'm too ashamed to admit this. I did mention it to my doctor a few years ago but he just said there were worse things in life that a low sex drive and not to worry. Is this it for me?

A. Your doctor's job is to listen to what's important to you. A less patronising doctor might have told you that female sexual dysfunction is fairly common and, in most cases, treatable by medical or psychological means. A hormone imbalance or blood circulation problems could be to blame, as could medication that can affect your libido (eg. antidepressants and the Pill). People who've been abused as a child, or have strong religious beliefs about sex, can have their feelings blocked. Go back to your GP (take a friend for support) and demand to see a specialist. As any health aware person knows, sex is important for self-esteem and well-being, so if it's not right, these things are threatened. Take yourself seriously and others are likely to do the same.

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