Wednesday, March 3, 2010

56 Naughty Sex Questions (answered in 20 words or less)

  1. What is the easiest way to try a 69? Lie on top of him or position yourselves side by side.
  2. Why do men want sex in the morning? Testosterone levels peak between 6am and 8am, fuelling their sex drive.
  3. I'd like to enjoy sex for longer and slow my orgasms. Any advice? Switch positions, rest and kiss between.
  4. I'm short, my man is tall, what's a good position for us? You on top, facing front or reverse.
  5. How can I let him know I love what he's doing? Moan loudly and grind your hips into him or tell him.
  6. The idea of having sex with a total stranger turns me on, but I'm in a relationship. How can I act out this fantasy with my man? Have him meet you at a bar and introduce yourself as someone else, then take him home with you.
  7. I want him to blindfold me. How can I hint that its a turn on? Do it to him first or lie on the bed already blindfolded when he comes in.
  8. What's the best way to take control of sex halfway into it? Kiss him fiercely, then move him into whatever position you want. He'll obey. They love it.
  9. What takes oral sex from pretty good to best ever? Your enthusiasm and variety of technique, don't be repetitive.
  10. What's the best food to bring into the bedroom? Whipped cream in a spray can. Put it anywhere you want but his mouth.
  11. What can I do to make things sweaty and energetic? Put on music with a fast beat, your bodies will break into a sweat keeping up with the beat.
  12. I orgasm powerfully when I masturbate with a vibrator. How can I bring that same intensity with my man? Incorporate a vibrator into your sex play.
  13. Will I become loose 'down there' if I have a lot of partners? No.
  14. How can I feel less body-conscious when I'm on top? Lean in close so you're face to face. You'll feel like your belly and breasts don't jiggle as much.
  15. What's the most sensitive part of his penis, and what should I do to it? The tip. Slowly circle your tongue on it like its an ice cream cone.
  16. I've heard that squeezing my internal muscles makes sex hotter for him. Why? The tighter grip on his penis adds an insane surge of pleasure.
  17. Do all men go to strip clubs? No.
  18. Why does it feel good when my man tugs on my hair a little during sex? Your senses are heightened and your scalp has tons of nerves, so it gives a little jolt of pleasure.
  19. Can men feel a difference between ribbed condoms and regular ones? Nope, ribbing is on the outside, for our benefit.
  20. Can you use lube for shower sex? Not water-based ones, they'll just wash off. Look for something silicone based.
  21. How can I make my orgasm more intense? Keep your body relaxed by taking long, deep breaths and hold your breath when you climax.
  22. What can I do if he goes soft while were doing it? Grip the base of his shaft and give it a few firm pumps or put your mouth around it.
  23. Is there something wrong if I get really wet during sex? No! Its exactly how it should be.
  24. Is it OK to have fantasies about other men? Yes, but I suggest you don't tell your man and don't call out his name.
  25. If I don't have sex for a while will my vagina tighten up? No!
  26. I love getting loud in bed. How can I do it without sounding scary? Start with soft moans, then louder groans, then let go with a full-throttle 'Oh, YES!!'
  27. Do lubes that heat up make sex better? Some people think so, but others find the temperature change distracting. Best to try it.
  28. What do men think is the sexiest kind of lingerie? Anything that is black and easy to remove is always a popular option but the sexiest is anything with stockings.
  29. Will getting a Brazilian wax make sex better? No! But it makes you feel very sexy, so you might perform better.
  30. How long should I let him recharge before round two? Anywhere from five to 30 minutes so long as he's not a one hit wonder.
  31. How can I get him to spank me? Spank yourself and he'll follow suit, or just ask him.
  32. Is there a way to tell whether a man has dabbled sexually with other men in the past? Only if he refers to his ex named Tim. Just ask him outright if you want to know.
  33. If I have sex while I'm dry down below, will it stretch me? No, but it will hurt.
  34. What's a sexy article of clothing to wear while doing the deed? Stilettos and stockings. Leave them on in bed.
  35. What position will make him last longest? You on top, you can slow things down, if he's ready and you're not.
  36. Why does he want to keep the lights on during sex? Because men are visual creatures and the sight of you turns him on.
  37. He wants me to be more dominant. What shall I do? Push him onto the bed and tell him exactly what you want him to do to you.
  38. What is a man's number one sexual fantasy? A threesome.
  39. What constitutes a foot fetish? Often having the urge to lick someones toes or feet or worship their shoes.
  40. What can I do when I have my period if I don't want to have actual sex? Give and receive some sensual massages, or give him oral sex.
  41. Can a man feel your orgasm? Yes. He will feel your vaginal walls squeeze him.
  42. Does a man care if my labia aren't a perfect pair? No!
  43. Does my boyfriend fantasise about my sexy friends? Yes. Sorry!
  44. Does a cold shower really kill a man's desire? Yes. Cold water shrinks his penis, and it's hard to feel sexy when you're chilled to the bone.
  45. Is it possible to tell if he'll be good in bed when I first meet him? If he's attentive - opens doors, constantly touches you etc. its a good sign, and if he kisses very well!
  46. Do women have different sized clitorises? Yes, it's a mini penis, so just like men, they come in different sizes, but remember size doesn't matter.
  47. I want to have sex standing up but my boyfriend has a hard time holding me. What position works best? Rest one foot on the floor and the other on a coffee table, or the bumper bar, or a step.
  48. I want to get a little rough. How can I start? Hold his hands above his head as you kiss him.
  49. Should I play with his nipples during sex? Some men like it, some don't. Start by licking each of his nipples and see how he reacts.
  50. What does being inside me feel like for him? Stick your finger in your mouth and suck and you'll get the idea.
  51. My penis curves to the right, is this going to hurt her? No. A slight curve is natural and common. A more severe bend and you should see your GP.
  52. My girlfriend will only have sex in the dark, how can I make her do it with the lights on? You cant make her do anything, but candlelight and lots of compliments should make it less daunting.
  53. How long should I give her oral sex for? As long as she wants you to and until she has cum, its not a chore!
  54. Where's is the G spot? It's one to two inches inside the vagina, on the front wall, behind her pubic hair.
  55. How can I tell if shes faking? You can't. Look out for erect nipples, a flushed chest and face, breathlessness and a pulsing of her vaginal muscles.
  56. How can I make sex in our long term relationship hot again? Kiss. Share fantasies. Surprise her. Spend a day in bed. Buy her lingerie. New positions. Communication.

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