Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Q. I've got no confidence when giving blow jobs. I've always avoided them but my new man told me it's his favourite thing and I really want to please him, I don't want to admit how inexperienced I am at it. I need tips, fast!

A. Tip 1: Relax. There are few things more alarming for a guy than a nervous woman lunging at his erection with teeth bared in grim determination. Put him at ease by moving slowly and with confidence (fake it if you need to). Tip 2: The person who best knows how to give your new man great oral sex is your new man, so pay attention. Watch his face (making eye contact while he's in your mouth is a big hit with most men) and listen for verbal clues. Dare to ask in a strong, sexy voice, 'Firmer or more gently? Faster or slower?' Take your time and build up the tension, but don't take too long over it - a blow job that doesn't seem to be going anywhere is frustrating. You can pick up some great ideas from erotic stories/porn films (if you're comfortable enough to experiment with them) too. Finally remember you're both beginners when it comes to each other, so he's not expecting miracles.

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