Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Q. The only man I've ever loved has gone from my life, for a second time. After losing touch years ago, we recently found each other online. We were both still madly in love, but I said I wouldn't sleep with him again, so we didn't meet, but were soon emailing and texting each other constantly. Then he said he'd leave his wife for me, only to change his mind. I feel cheated and ill with heartache. How do I get over this?

A. Emails and texts are great for exchanging information and keeping in touch, but they're words without chemistry. You are in love, but not with him - only with the memory and the idea of him. Its not a broken heart that's making you feel ill, its a bad case of wishful thinking. He had a touch of it too, but then snapped back to reality. This experience does show, however, that you're ready for love. And you'll probably find it, real, dependable love that you won't have to fight for, when you're busy doing something else.

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