Sunday, November 1, 2009

Q. I've bagged an incredibly good-looking man, but while the sight of him has me trembling, his bedroom performance is a real let-down. We've had sex six times but he hasn't touched me once - in fact, there's no foreplay from him at all; he just gets right down to it.

A. I don't know what's more outrageous - that he thinks he can get away with using you like his own right hand, or that you're allowing yourself to be screwed in more senses than one! You have a right to be treated as a sexual equal. If you lie there happy to be grateful for nothing, you give up the right to complain. No wonder good-looking men think they can get away with behaving badly if we're so willing to overlook things we'd never let less handsome men get away with. Show yourself more respect and you may find you start to command his!

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  1. Take time to have a long talk with him about this immediately, he might be blissfully ignorant...