Monday, November 23, 2009

Q. I really want to try anal sex with my man. I've never done it before but I want to explore everything with him. We have a great sex life, so I was surprised when he said he didn't think he wanted to try it. I thought all men did!

A. And now you know different! There are as many men who are completely freaked out by the idea of anal intercourse as there are women. Until recently, anal sex was a fairly taboo subject. Today its on the sex menu with its own tick box just below threesomes, sex parties and serious bondage! Who said we have to try everything on the menu anyway? Most of us stick to the things we like, with a bit of experimentation here and there to spice things up. Ask him to use his finger there first. You might find you don't like it after all. If you do and he still doesn't want to try anal sex, buy a slim vibrator and as him to use that instead. And remember, the skin inside the anus is thin and easily torn so fingers need to be clean and nails clipped. Lube is essential for comfort and don't forget hygiene - there are some things nobody wants to share.

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