Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Q. I think my girlfriend's faking her orgasms. Sometimes she just makes this little noise when she's cumming and other times it's like she's in a porn movie. Her orgasm is important to me, I hate thinking it might not be real. Is there a way to tell for sure?

A. I know actually talking to the person you have sex with is a bit 'strange' but it beats kitting your bedroom out with a heart monitor, brain scanner and lie detector!! Some orgasms are more intense than others, which could explain her varying responses. But if she is faking, its probably because she's paying more attention to your need to give her an orgasm than her need to have one. This is a shared issue because you don't trust her, be straight with her and maybe she'll be straight with you. However, if you need signs, you can look for flushing of her chest and face, hardening of her nipples and breathlessness. Even an Oscar winning actress would struggle to fake those signs, but bear in mind, less intense orgasms won't necessarily produce these signs.

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  1. Hey, faking happens. Just trying to make him feel better about himself.