Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Q. My mates would laugh at me for saying this but I'm sick of being used for sex. I want a relationship but once I've slept with a girl, she disappears. I'm a nice guy and not bad looking, so either I stink in bed or women just want one-night stands - which is it?

A. In the olden days, before the Pill, Cosmo and hotpants, women didn't have random sex with random men because society deemed it unacceptable. Now women have sex when and with whom they please. Men everywhere are nervously waking up to the fact that women, free from the constraints of sexual oppression, can be every bit as insensitive, selfish and arrogant as men have always had the choice to be. It could be where you are meeting them, and if you set out your requirements before you bed them then maybe you could find a girl who wants the same. If she's prepared to sleep with you almost immediately then chances are she's not a keeper! Take heart, the good ones are still out there, so don't give up. Oh, and welcome to our world!

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