Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Q. My new bloke doesn't like blowjobs, but all my exes were obsessed by them, so it feels really odd. Do you think he's just being polite because I'm doing it wrong, or are some men just not fussed about oral sex? I feel awkward when he goes down on me, because I can't return the favour. Is there anything I can do?

A. Some men aren't obsessed by blowjobs and get pleasure by making their partner feel good instead. If he doesn't mind not receiving oral, then why should you do it? Look at it as a bit of a break from having your head pushed down there and struggling for air. Also, be glad you've found a bloke who doesn't just go down on you out of duty, or because you'll return the favour. Things might change and he might want one as your closeness deepens. This could be his way of relaxing into the relationship. Who knows? Human sexuality can be very unpredictable and differs from person to person. So for the moment, just show your appreciation by letting yourself go and thoroughly enjoying what's on offer. You'll both have a good time and get turned on. Make the most of it, find out what other things he likes and focus on those instead.

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