Monday, April 4, 2011

Q. I'm bored with sex - full stop. No matter who I sleep with, I always end up in the same old routine. I'm good at sex; I know how to please a guy and how to please myself. So once you've found what works, where is there to go after that?

A. Confucius say, the chick who knows everything knows nothing and the girl who thinks she knows nothing has the world at her feet. 'Good at sex' probably means you're skillful - ie. you give great blow jobs and bounce like a porn star on Ecstasy - right? Technically, good sex is like the outline of a picture yet to be coloured in. The full experience requires you to forget everything you think you know and start again, exploring the mind and body of the person you're with and letting them do the same for you. Sex should be instinctive and trusting. Drop your routine and take the risk of really engaging in the experience. If not, they say knitting can be a very rewarding hobby.

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