Saturday, April 16, 2011

Q. When I first became single, I thought I'd enjoy seeing different men without getting involved. But as soon as I've had sex with a man, I start thinking about him all the time - even if I'm not that interested. Why can't I have no-strings sex like men do?

A. Women aren't biologically impelled to have sex with as many different men as possible. We are, instead, psychologically hard-wired to become attached to a sexual partner - in case he impregnates us. The struggle for equal rights is about having choices, and just because a woman can sleep with anyone she likes doesn't mean she has to. If one-night stands don't suit you, don't have them. By the way, men don't get away with no-strings sex either - they're left feeling just as empty as we are. Try having flirtatious fun without having sex. It's just as delicious but doesn't leave you feeling vulnerable afterwards. Move things slowly and tell him you're doing that. Give it up when you are sure you both want the same thing. If he's not prepared to wait then he was never going to be the man for you.

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