Friday, February 5, 2010

Q. One of my partner's best friends came on to me at a party and he's been inappropriately flirty with me ever since. I don't fancy him at all and I'm in love with my man. Should I tell him what happened?

A. It sounds like he's not as good a friend as your man thinks he is - or he's very confused about the appropriate boundaries for flirting. Tell your boyfriend's friend you're not interested in him, and the fact that he would even consider coming on to his best friend's girlfriend means he doesn't value his friendship very much. Listen to what he has to say for himself; if he explains it was a mistake and won't happen again - and he seems genuinely remorseful - tell him you won't speak to your boyfriend about what happened, but set out what you expect from him, such as no more flirting. Hopefully this will be enough to get things back to normal. IF he tries it on again, its probably a good idea to speak to your boyfriend and let him confront him, in terms of what it means for their friendship.

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