Thursday, January 28, 2010

Q. A month ago, I met a soldier on leave. We only had time for two fantastic dates before he had to go back. We've been having 'text sex' ever since, which has been amazing, but he's on leave again soon and I'm terrified I won't live up to the things I said in my texts.

A. If he isn't at least as scared as you I'll eat my agony aunt's hat! Texting can be both great and terrible in equal measures. While it gives us the courage to say things we wouldn't otherwise dare to, it can also leave us feeling really exposed if we get carried away and end up revealing too much. Sex texting is fantastic foreplay, precisely because it builds anticipation, but a months worth of sexy suggestions could easily build up overwhelmingly high expectations for you both. Take a deep breath and remember that, despite what you've shared by text, your first time together is still to come and that is always a nervous time, regardless of what has been said. If you can talk about things freely on text, chances are you will talk about things freely once that first time is out of the way, that's when the fun really starts! :) When you see him, giggle - it'll release the tension and give him permission to laugh too.

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