Friday, February 5, 2010

Q. My boyfriend loves going down on me, but sometimes when he's down there he just looks at me. It makes me uncomfortable and I feel like I'm being inspected. Is he being weird?

A. Men are as sexually stimulated by what they see as by what they feel; when having sex, they prefer to keep their eyes open and the lights on. Being allowed to look between your legs is a privilege and I don't doubt he does it because it turns him on. But being looked at and admired is one thing; being scrutinised as if part of a scientific investigation is another! Tell him to put his microscope away as it makes you nervous. Or close your eyes and trust he's looking as he wants to know you. Yes, every nook and cranny!! In fact, you can turn it into a role play situation, where he can play the doctor who is examining you, so he doesn't just look, he plays while he's down there too, but if you are blindfolded, or get your head into thinking you're a patient, it can be a very erotic play situation. Try it, you might like it :)

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