Sunday, February 7, 2010

Q. My boyfriend doesn't do foreplay. He'll let me do stuff to him, but then he'll just climb on me and carry on until it's finished. I find it really hard to get going without any build up and I almost never orgasm. I know you'll say it's my job to get good sex, but how?

A. Firstly, what's motivating his bad behaviour? Is he a) a selfish loser; b) a nervous wreck or c) totally oblivious? If it's 'a', he only cares about his needs both in and out of bed. He doesn't need to change because you give him everything he wants. So stop!! Tell him you want to orgasm first - that means if you don't, he won't either. Guy 'b' has no idea how to please you and is so scared of getting it wrong he doesn't try. When faced with your vagina, he's lost in the Amazon jungle without a compass. He needs guidance and possibly a map! If he's 'c', he's inexperienced and a bit dozy. Try a foghorn and a copy of the Lovers Guide. Believe you deserve good sex and you won't settle for bad.

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