Thursday, November 4, 2010

Q. I've started seeing a man and when I'm with him he's really attentive. But he works away a lot and does shifts, so sometimes days go by and I don't hear from him at all. Is he just not that bothered about me or are his reasons for not getting in touch genuine?

A. Does he work in the secret service? Is he running the country? Are his thumbs broken every time he leaves your side? If not - and your relationship is serious or getting that way - you have every right to ask him for more regular contact. If you're smelling a rat over his behaviour, and think he could be seeing someone else then bide your time as it will show itself in some way fairly soon. But if this is purely about more contact, remember that men aren't as big on communication as women are, they speak to make arrangements or find out the facts on something, they don't tend to spend hours on the phone like women do. However that is no excuse for the unforgivable behaviour, with all the methods of communication, he could easily send a text or email. Simply not good enough. Rather than turning it into a confrontation, let him know how much you miss him while he's away, and how you'd love to chat to him every day if possible. Also consider suggesting some sexy chats, that's sure to keep him calling. Don't tell him off but do be firm if he starts making dodgy excuses. If he wants you enough he'll start making more effort, if he doesn't - you have your answer.

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