Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More quicky questions...

Q. I woke up last night and my husband was masturbating in his sleep. Is this normal?

A. That depends on your definition of normal. It's called sexsomnia and ranges from dirty-talking to having intercourse! If it's bugging you, suggest your husband sees a doctor.

Q. Why doesn't my partner climax until I use my hands? What am I doing wrong?

A. Clearly he thinks you're doing something right! Some men love the intense pressure that you can provide only with your hands. As long as you're sexually satisfied too, keep doing what works.

Q. I love the missionary position. Any tips on making it more orgasm-friendly?

A. Try straightening your legs and squeezing them together after he's inside you. Or go with the coital alignment technique: ie. once your partner enters you, he should slide his penis up toward your head and with a rocking motion, push the base of his penis against your pubic bone, so he's grinding, not thrusting. This will stimulate the clitoris at the same time.

Q. My periods used to be irregular but now they're OK. Is it because I lost a stone?

A. Yes. Oestrogen levels tend to be higher when you're overweight, which can affect ovulation. Losing that stone was probably enough to get your cycle back on track.

Q. I've had four yeast infections recently. What can I do about it?

A. Some women assume they have a yeast infection when they see a white discharge, but instead have a different problem, such as bacterial vaginosis. Be sure to see your doctor for the right diagnosis - and treatment.

Q. My boyfriend's porn disgusts me. Am I just being a prude?

A. Not at all. Some women take it as an indication that their partners aren't satisfied with their sex life, but for most men, it's just about fantasy, not a reflection on how they feel about their partners. Talk to your boyfriend. If it still bothers you after that, ask him to keep it out of your sight.

Q. I always get irritated down there after sex. Could it be the condom?

A. Could be - a minor latex allergy can cause irritation, so try switching to a polyurethane condom. Dryness during sex can also lead to irritation: adding a lubricant can help. See your doctor to rule out infection.

Q. I've been having trouble holding it in when I have to pee. I'm 19. What's wrong?

A. If you haven't had children, the most common reason at your age is a bladder infection. Get your doctor to test you. Too much caffeine can also irritate the bladder and cause this feeling.

Q. How can we get in sync? When my partner wants sex, I don't, and vice versa.

A. One solution is planning sex. Another is compromise: when one of you isn't in the mood, just try going for it anyway. Often, you'll start getting into it. And there's more to sex than just intercourse. Make time to cuddle and kiss. Being affectionate can only bring you closer, which may, in turn, help you both want sex more.

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