Monday, April 5, 2010

More quicky questions...

Q. I've never had sensitive nipples. Should I just accept I never will?

A. Well, yes. For some women, the nipples aren't that sensitive. But so what? The entire body is one big erogenous zone - you just have to find the spots that make your toes curl. Trust me they're there.

Q. My boyfriend loves sex with him standing behind me, me kneeling on the bed. It hurts. Is this normal?

A. Yes. This position can provide very deep penetration, which can be uncomfortable as the penis hits against the cervix and the back of the uterus, where your sensitive ovaries lie. This can be especially painful if he's well-endowed or if you're one of the 20% of women who have a retroverted uterus - one that leans backward rather than forward. Try limiting penetration by standing for a bit once he enters you or find a position that works for you both.

Q. I've never had an orgasm, but I think I've been close - it feels like my face and hands are paralysed.

A. You may well be having an orgasm! Every woman's experience is different. Some feel a throbbing in the vagina; others have a sensation in their fingers, toes or legs. Do you feel a release? Do you feel more relaxed and happier? If yes, enjoy it.

Q. My partner doesn't get fully erect. Isn't 28 too young for erectile dysfunction?

A. True, erectile dysfunction is unusual in men under 40, but younger men can have occasional trouble - after drinking, for instance, or due to certain prescription drugs or medical problems. Depression and anxiety can also decrease blood flow to the penis. In the moment, take the pressure off by concentrating on things like massage, kissing, even oral sex. But if your partner's trouble continues, he should visit his doctor.

Q. Is it OK for me to go commando?

A. Healthwise, it's fine - in fact some underwear is more unhealthy. Those made of non-cotton fabric don't allow air flow and bacteria can grow. And hey, not wearing undies can be sexy!

Q. I'm worried that my odour down there is off. What is it supposed to smell like?

A. This is one of the most common questions I get from women writing to me. Our natural odour is best described as musky, though each woman has her own personal scent, and it can be affected by what she eats and drinks. What's not normal; a strong, bread-like odour, which may be a yeast infection. Also, a foul, fishy smell, which could indicate an STD. Never try to mask a smell with products: they can leave you with irritation or infection.

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