Saturday, April 3, 2010

More quicky questions...

Q. I want to have multiple orgasms but don't know how. Any suggestions?

A. If I had a pound for every time I heard this question! The best way to have multiple orgasms is to just not try. If you insist though, continue stimulation after you climax, and focus on the pleasure you're still having. See what happens. But don't think about it too much or it won't work.

Q. I have no sex drive and feel sick when my husband wants it. Do I hate him or something?

A. Well do you? Relationship problems can affect desire. But if you can't pinpoint anything wrong in your marriage, you could have hypoactive sexual desire disorder - a medical condition where people stop wanting sex. It's sometimes a side effect of medication, such as contraception and anti depressants; it can also be caused by stress or financial worries. See your doctor and don't panic: if you want to want sex, you (and your doctor) will find a way.

Q. I think about sex constantly, look at porn at lot and want every guy I meet. Is that normal?

A. Probably. Odds are you just have a high sex drive. But if thoughts of sex interfere with your daily activities, cause you to worry or lead you to engage in risky behaviour, you may have a sexual addiction and should seek counselling.

Q. Can I have sex the night before I'm due to have a smear?

A. No. Lube, semen and even swelling from thrusting can make it harder to collect and detect abnormal cells during your smear, so abstain from sex for 48 hours before the appointment.

Q. I like to use food during sex. Is it safe?

A. Food can be fun, but the key is location! There's nothing wrong with spraying whipped cream or spreading chocolate, on your skin, but never put these - or any foods that melt - inside your vagina as they can cause infection. Also, don't insert edibles, such as grapes, if you don't want them to get stuck.

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