Sunday, May 20, 2012

Q.   I can't be faithful.  Even if I'm having great sex with a guy I'm seeing, I still crave sex with strangers.  I look at dogging sites and masturbate to porn every day.  I feel like a horrible pervert but I can't seem to stop.  What's wrong with me?

A.   It sounds like sex addiction, which is as dangerous as addiction to drugs and alcohol.  Sex addicts don't simply love sex; they live in shame and secrecy, feeling helpless and isolated.  If you feel out of control, you might have a problem that, left untreated, will only get worse.  You can read up on it at  I don't mean to scare you but you must take your health and safety seriously.  Risky behaviour produces chemicals in the brain that can be addictive and make you act in dangerous ways.  The good news is that recovery is possible and there's help out there.

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