Friday, May 11, 2012

Q.   My friend treats blokes terribly.  She always has several on the go and doesn't care about their feelings.  Every bloke I meet thinks I'm the same as her so they lose interest.  How can I show them I'm not like her?

A.   We tend to choose our friends for qualities we admire or that we share, so by hanging around with her you will always risk turning other men off.  It's probably best to avoid going on the pull together, or if you do, make sure you avoid dressing alike or using mirrored body language, as it will look as though you're like-minded.  You could also point out to any blokes you do like that you're like chalk and cheese.  The best way to change a reputation is by example though.  If you date a nice bloke for a while, everyone should see that you're very different from your friend.

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