Monday, May 7, 2012

Q.   I have small boobs and my boyfriend of over a year has always insisted he prefers them that size.  But I've recently found out the looks at women with big breasts on the internet.  Every time we talk about it we argue.  What do I do?

A.   Sexual appetites can be quite complicated and some people have contradictory tastes.  It could be that he likes to look at big breasts but not touch them.  The reason you're arguing is that, understandably, this has hit a nerve for you.  So when you do talk, ask him to explain how he feels, and let him do all the talking without interrupting him.  Start by saying that although you feel hurt you want to understand how he feels.  He may not even know why he has this conflict.  Letting him talk may help him work it out.  Don't feel tempted to dive in too soon with your side.  Take time to think about it and then explain to him how you feel about his online hobby.  Taking the heat out of the situation may help you both come to an understanding.

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