Thursday, June 9, 2011

Q. Most women usually worry about taking too long to reach orgasm but I climax after about two minutes of intercourse. Afterwards, my clitoris is too sensitive to carry on, so I have to take a break, which I think irritates my boyfriend, but I can't stop myself. Am I weird?

A. Most women need 10 to 30 minutes of foreplay to reach orgasm with a partner - and many can't cum at all during intercourse - so you belong to a smaller category of women, orgasmically speaking. But you're not weird at all and you're certainly not alone. Tell him to avoid your clitoris completely until you're both ready for you to climax, and find other erogenous zones he can turn his attention to (the back of the knees, buttocks, inner forearms, nipples etc). Try having intercourse from behind (minimising clitoral stimulation) and try using your hand or mouth to bring him closer to his orgasm first. But honestly, most women like to have a break after orgasm. If he says he has a problem with you needing a breather then it's just that - his problem! You need to find a solution together, but if all else fails, start stimulating him again as soon as he has ejaculated and see how quickly he stops you!

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