Thursday, June 9, 2011

Q. I'm struggling to get over someone I was seeing purely for sex. I moved to another city but we kept in touch through texts. Then I lost my phone and we had no contact until I moved back home - we met once in the street and he barely acknowledged me. I think about him constantly. I have plenty of other friends but I only want to be with him.

A. To see a guy 'purely for sex' is like seeing him purely because you like his aftershave. And that suggests any other guy using the same brand would do as well. Of course he missed you - he missed seeing you for sex. When the texts stopped, he figured you'd moved on. Try posting him a letter, or email - but don't overdo it; tell him simply you miss his company, his jokes (if he made them) and his friendship. He could be as pleasantly surprised as you were to find out that you care for more than his aftershave. But if a man is in something 'just for sex' chances are he will have moved on as quickly as he assumed you did. Be warned though, it could well be a case of not getting the response you hoped for.

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