Sunday, June 12, 2011

Q. I love sex but I hate penetration. I force myself to do it for the sake of my boyfriend, but girl-on-top is exhausting, missionary makes me claustrophobic and doggy style makes me feel like, well, a dog!

A. Having your lover inside you should be an intimate experience, but faking it makes it a chore for you - no wonder you hate it. It sounds like a technique issue but you're not giving either of you a chance to make it better. How would he feel if he knew? Betrayed? Foolish? Lied to? Be honest with him - buy a copy of 100 Hot Sex Positions or The Complete Manual of Sex Positions for tips on different options and see if you can find a better way. Intercourse isn't the be all of good sex, but faking it is definitely the end all.

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