Thursday, June 9, 2011

Q. My long-term boyfriend from school went to visit his friends who are at Uni and said he feels like he's missing out on a single life. He said he wanted to be with other girls, but doesn't want to lose me. What should we do?

A. Your man won't be the first person to be seduced by the excitement of student life although he's probably not in a hurry to start writing essays and revising for exams. He's got an over-the-top taste of 'the single life' but it may just be a sign that you both need to get a bit of 'me time' out of the relationship. At the start of relationships, many couples spend all their time with each other. Since you've been together a long time you both might have missed out on the single life a little. Have a chat with him and see what he actually wants and needs and have a look at what you want too. It may be that you both need to widen your circles of friends individually and as a couple. Just because two people are together it doesn't mean you have to block out the world. Neither does it mean you have to be party animals. There's a lot of middle ground that you can explore together, so talk about it.

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