Friday, March 11, 2011

Q. My boyfriend cheated on his ex with me and during the first year of our relationship he went back to her behind my back a few times. Things are better now, but I'm always paranoid he's cheating on me. Will I ever be able to trust him?

A. It's not paranoia, it's a pretty reasonable conclusion based on the evidence. It sounds like your boyfriend likes the best of both worlds. One moment of weakness can be just a mistake, but repeating it means that he does what he wants, simply because people will let him. You need to ask yourself whether things have only improved because it's convenient for him. If you meet all of his needs then he doesn't have to skulk off into the night to be with his ex. Ask yourself if this is really the sort of relationship you want. Do you deserve better than this and is he the man who's going to give it to you? Do you want a fair-weather boyfriend or a mature partner who will stick with you when the times get tough? Don't settle for second best.

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