Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Q. I find blow jobs degrading, and I don't like putting my man's penis in my mouth. But I need to find a way to enjoy it, as whenever I hear the subject crop up, I feel depressed.

A. Why do you need to find a way to enjoy it? If it doesn't appeal to you, then you don't have to do it. Although we hear a lot about blow jobs and how great they are, it isn't something that appeals to everyone. It's OK to tell a partner that blow jobs don't turn you on. If this is distressing you, or you feel there are other reasons for feeling this way, ask your GP to refer you to a psychosexual therapist. Don't force yourself to give blow jobs if you don't enjoy them. Some women find with time and a respectful partner, they can enjoy kissing, licking or sucking a penis, but you should only try this if the idea has started to appeal to you. If it hasn't, stay as you are.

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