Monday, June 14, 2010

Q. My boyfriend has to go really fast for ages to orgasm (up to an hour). I get so sore and bored. But the worst thing is his sweat drips onto me. He says sorry, and I know it's not his fault, but it's disgusting.

A. It's normal to sweat during exercise, and he seems to be using you as some kind of gym apparatus. I'm not surprised he's dripping over you. But why is he working so hard? He might realise how you feel and is putting himself under pressure to get it over with. Or he suffers from delayed ejaculation (the third most common sexual dysfunction in men). Usually the cause is psychological, such as fear of pregnancy or a strict religious upbringing. Some antidepressants can cause ejaculation problems too. Counselling might help but, in the meantime try to find less strenuous ways to have sex. Find positions where his dripping doesn't concern you. For example from behind can help his orgasm and he won't be dripping onto your face. And if you are on top of him none of his sweat will be dripping anywhere.

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