Friday, October 1, 2010

Q. I've just ended a painful relationship and want to have some easy-going, no-strings-attached sex. I've always thought guys were up for one-night stands but when I suggest it, I don't see them for dust. What's going on?

A. If you want to know why men are unwilling to take you up on your offer, put yourself in their shoes. Imagine a guy saying to you 'Hi, fancy a shag? No - don't bother with your name, I'm only interested in sex'. Wouldn't you turn on your heels too? Men may seem like aliens at times but they're only human - almost just like us!

You're confusing your fantasy with reality. It's insulting to be wanted only for sex, whatever the gender. I don't mean to be a party-pooper but I suspect this has more to do with your painful ex-relationship than a search for fun. Do yourself a favour and take some time out to heal from the last fall before you get back on the horse.

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