Friday, October 1, 2010

Q. My good friend is in a great relationship but whenever she has a few drinks, she flirts with every guy in sight - including my boyfriend and my other friends' men - and we're all getting sick of it. It's not that we don't trust our boyfriends; it just gets on our nerves. I don't like confrontation, so how can I tell her I'm annoyed without her thinking that I'm worried my man fancies her?

A. For a start, don't regard a talk with her about this problem as confrontation. It will be far easier to persuade her if you first persuade yourself that you're actually doing her a favour. Tell her that by coming onto every guy she meets, she's in danger of making herself a laughing stock - or picking a guy who will take her come-on too seriously. If you stay calm and speak like the affectionate friend you are, the next time she drinks too much and hits on a man inappropriately, all you'll have to do is raise your eyebrows or whisper 'He's not your type.....' Should she get defensive and say you're jealous, just smile, sigh and shake your head, so that she can see you knew she'd say that. And you did, didn't you?

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