Monday, February 28, 2011

Q. My boyfriend kissed a colleague at the work party. He was drunk and it didn't mean anything, but now I hate the thought of them working together. It was a few months ago, but when we argue I always bring it up, as I'm worried it will happen again. Help!

A. Work parties are fraught with these kinds of dangers. However, the real issue here seems to be trust and your confidence. If you keep bringing it up, it will drive a wedge between you. It won't be his drunken mistake that splits you up - it will be your inability to get over it and move on. He knows he was an idiot, but he did the decent thing and told you. So put this into perspective. Is he going to pay for this until you split up, or are you going to work on your issues and continue to build a stronger relationship? It's your call.

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