Monday, February 28, 2011

Q. Five months ago I met a bloke I really liked and we met up a few times. I thought we were developing a relationship but now the phone calls and dates have stopped. He's told mutual friends that he likes me, does this mean there's still something there?

A. I'd take control here and see if it can help you find out where you stand and make you feel more confident. Phone or email him and ask if he'd like to meet up for a coffee, meal, film or drink, or do this next time you see him in person. If he's shy, this gives him the chance to take things up a level. If he's not that interested it gives him the chance to say so. You can say to him what you've said to me - that things were going well but have cooled off and you'd like to know where you stand. If he can't be clear, continues to give mixed messages or just isn't acting particularly keen, then I'd definitely move on.

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