Saturday, December 4, 2010

Q. My bloke loves going down on me and even though I like it I don't have the patience to let him bring me to orgasm. As soon as I'm turned on I want sex. How long should it take and how can I relax and enjoy it?

A. There's no set time limit. Some women enjoy oral sex but if it's not your favourite thing, there's no reason why you have to do it for longer than you wish. Tell your boyfriend what you've told me - that you like him going down on you but once you're turned on you want penetration. Telling him will relieve the pressure you're feeling and you'll probably find you're able to relax and enjoy both oral and penetration more. Some women feel uncomfortable getting pleasure or find sex a bit embarrassing so they want to get on with penetration to avoid other activities that make them shy. Be sure this isn't the reason why you want to jump ahead. Spending time exploring oral can be good, but if it continues not to work for you then don't keep doing it.

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