Sunday, December 5, 2010

Q. Whenever my boyfriend and I are out in a big group, he hardly pays me any attention. He says it's because he likes catching up with our friends and that no one likes really coupley couples, but I feel ignored. Am I being unreasonable?

A. There's a fine line when couples are in a large group of friends. If they are all over each other, then everyone else is excluded. But your boyfriend seems to have gone to the other extreme. Have another chat with him, tell him how you feel and see what compromise you can reach. However, you also need to make more effort to enjoy catching up with friends, too. Does your social life have to revolve around him? Get more involved with the group and focus on developing your own social skills and confidence, and being a person in your own right. Having something fresh to talk about when you come back to each other can only enrich your relationship. Also, when he sees you enjoying yourself, and chatting with other people, namely men, he will probably want to stick a little closer to you.

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  1. I've had similar problems to this with my boyfriend, and one thing I've found that really helps is just sitting next to him whilst we're at a large table with lots of people. That way, we can both talk to our friends and 'ignore' each other, but at the same time touching each other where no one can see! Not that it needs to be kinky, just holding hands or touching each other's legs or a little light footsy is enough. And it can mean that we just want each other more when we go home alone afterwards... ;)