Monday, October 29, 2012

Q.   I've never roleplayed with my husband before.  I want to try it, and Halloween seems like an easy excuse to get into costume.  How do I make it hot, not cheesy?

A.   Cheesy can be hot!  Roleplaying is automatically a turn-on just because it's a break from your usual routine in bed: doing something new triggers the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which amps up arousal.  There are so many costumes that can double as roleplay lingerie (nurse, maid, cheerleader).  Try browsing through your local costume shop together (or check out an online store like Lovehoney), and point out outfits you each like.  You don't even need to buy them.  Just find something around the house that can stand in for a prop, then imagine the rest.  A feather duster could be the basis of a French maid scenario or a ruler could turn your boudoir into a classroom, along with a short skirt and pigtails.  A pencil skirt, white shirt and glasses could transform you into a secretary.

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